How to automate your mailings and generate more traffic, leads, sales & commissions?
Thus save up to 3500% time clicking on safelist links or surfing for credits

See steps below to get started

Before I explain how this works you must first follow the steps below

Step 1: Join program 1 here
Step 2: Join program 2 here

Program 1 from step 1 above will allow you to build downlines in over 100 different viral mailers, safelists, and solo ad sites. You can link your affiliate ID in the back office to all the mailers you’ve joined. You can join Program 1 from step 1 as a free member, but you’re only limited to 50 clicks a day. I strongly recommend upgrading to Elite Membership becuase you get unlimited daily clicks on your emails.

So here’s basically what Program 1 from step 1 does

It will save you time opening safe list emails and clicking on links. It will saves 3500% more time than doing it manually. With just one click, it can click up to 100+ credit safelist links at a time, from all your safelist sites. One click can open between 3 and 250 credit safelist links at once.

You can choose to open 3, 5, 10, 25, 35, 50, 100, 150, 200, or 250 safelits links at once. Then when its done, it will delete the emails for you even. This system have an easy mail clicker feature which works with all your favorite mailing sites.

The easy mail clicker feature allows you to earn more credits from multiple safelists and send out more emails. This means more hits, leads, sales and commissions to your money making offers. This system allows you to send out your emails to all different sites.

So here’s my tip on how to use Program 1 from step 1

Go to your gmail account you used to join safelist sites and create a folders/labels, and label them using the safelist site eg. "ListJoe" and then go to settings, filters and blocked messages. Create a new filter for each safelist list sites. Then add each of these safelist sites to the folders/labels you've created. This makes it much easier to organize all your safelist mailings into one place, especially if you use this gmail personally. Once you have all your safelist sites organized into gmail. Go back to Program 1 from step 1 and set up your Gmail account with the Easy Mail Clicker feature.
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So after you joined Program 1 from step 1 and surfed or clicked for credits now is the time to send emails with one click. This brings us to Program 2 from step 2. See below how to use Program 2 from step 2.

Program 2 from step 2 is a platform that marketers can use to email out to mail builders and safelists with one click of button. This is very useful as it saves a lot of time and more sites are constantly added to the list so that your marketing has a bigger reach over time. As the member of Program 2 from step 2 you only need to join each site as the free member/upgraded member to be able to to send ads. Every month you get massive amounts of free credits for all the sites.

This is not a free platform and it costs $15 per month to use the mailer and $19 per month if you want to promote the system to others and make commissions.

So here’s basically what Program 2 from step 2 does

Instead of logging into each site one by one and mailing from each site separately, which take a whole day if you belong to a lot of different sites, you can simply log into Program 2 from step 2 and send all your mail at once. You can also schedule up to 300 mailings to go out in the future.
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In short/summary...

Join Program 1 from step 1 and use it to click for credits and save up to 3500% time clicking on safelist links. This program will allow you to earn more credits in a short of time from different safelists sites. I suggest you use Program 1 from step 1 to surf the safelist sites from Program 2 from step 2. Once you accumulate more credits from different safelist sites then use Program 2 from step 2 to send emails to more than 100 safelist sites with one click of the button.

Here another strategies that will save you time on clicking for credits

The first tool you will need for this strategy to work is Quick Tab Change . You will need to download and install this software in your computer/laptop. Quick Tab Change is a software that swap tabs using a one-key shortcut of your choice and surf using only your mouse without clicking tabs. It's totally free.

So how to setup Quick Tab Change?

* Open your safelist gmail account
* Click on settings which is a small gear symbol at the top right
* Click on see all settings
* Scroll down to Keyboard Shortcuts and activate the button for shortcuts on
* Now scroll to the bottom and press "save changes"

Now let me show you how to combine these features to do speed credit colection

* Open your safelist gmail account
* Open your first email
* Scroll to your credit reward link
* Hover over it and press down on the scroll wheel. This will open the link in a tab without leaving the current page
* Now press the letter J and you will move to the next email without going back to the main email list
* Repeat this action for 20 to 30 emails and you will see the pages loading up at the top of your tab bar

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When you are satisfied with how many tabs you have open, press the hot key you assigned to move to the next tab. Review the page to see if you need to press a claim icon at the top, then click your tab forward hot key again.

Repeat this until you have cycled around to your Gmail account. Now Hover over the Tab at the top for your gmail account and right click on it. From the menu at the bottom click "close tabs to the right".

If you follow the above instructions correctly you can also try this advanced technique (check below)

* Open your safelist gmail account
* Scroll to the bottom
* Open the last email
* Now press "}" key (from the keyboard) to move to the next email and use "pg dn" key (from the keyboard) to find your credit link fast
* Now hover over you credit link and press the scroll wheel to open the link in another tab
* Follow this process until you have 20 to 30 emails open and then your your QuickTabChange assigned button to quickly move through the tabs and gather credits
* Do this over and over until you have reached your goals

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