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The best way to earn money online for free is to create your own blog or website and promote any affialiation programs through your blog. Creating your blog you will have freedom to promote all your programs and only sending traffic to your blog instead of promoting one by one program. The other advantages of creating a blog is that you can make thousands of dollars through google ads and other marketing platforms. This requires you to place ads in your blog and get paid for views and clicks.

This depends on the quality of the content you present in your blog as well as on the quality of traffic you send to your blog. Make sure that the content in your blog is good, unique and adding value to the users. Following the tip above you will be having a simple strategy to earn money online for free. So your job is to create blog, put valuable content in it and send traffic to your blog daily.

There are many platforms that you can use to create the blog. Most of these platforms have free membership and allows you to build your blog through clicking your mouse or drag & drop. This help a lot especially for those don't have knowledge in website design. The other advantage on these platforms you can even earn money online for free through their affiliation program. You just need your affiliation link and send it to people. This is one of the robust ways to make money online or make money online from home for free.

To get started follow the steps below;
Step 1: Join here and create your blog and get your blog/website hosted here

Make sure you write unique and good content. You can write anything you want, this could be a particular program you promoting or anything you have interest on it and you think might help people. If you don't have anything to write in your blog, you can write/promote these programs program 1, program 2, Strategy 4, Strategy 5, Strategy 6, Strategy 7

Step 2:

Once your blog is ready, now is the time to send people/traffic to your blog. It would not make any sense if you just create blog and don't tell people about it. You need to send people to your blog and read it. So speak to these people here or Send email daily here and ask them to read your blog.

Step 3: Create a splash page here

You can also create capture page here and setup your autoresponder system.

Step 4: To send traffic quick to your blog advertise your splash page you created in step 3 or advertise your capture in Traffic Exchange sites and Safelist Mailer sites here.

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