Earn $10 A Day With This Simple, Free, System!
Earnings range from $0.10 a day to $1 a day to $2 etc.
Completely FREE and on AutoPilot!

So many people struggle to make money online for one simple reason. They do not understand that you need to have the basic building blocks in place before trying to move to the higher levels.

Learn EXACTLY how to make $0.10 - $1 a day, every day without fail

This is the easy bit that everyone can do. Then make it grow into $10 a day. This is the bit people don't understand. But you can use a very simple but effective plan to do it.

Here what I use and recommend:
Start off by using Ad Rev Split and click on ads each day = Earnings of about $0.10 a day.

My ref link to join ad Rev Split is: https://adrevsplit.com/?id=jamespeddie90

Set up a fully automated system that gets you new referrals.
I will show you exactly how to do this bit.
Show your referrals to do the same as you.
As Ad Rev Split has a multi level downline system you will soon reach earnings of $1 a day, $2 a day, $5 a day, $10 a day etc.

This is because you are earning from your referrals, but also from the people they introduce.
This continues for 4 levels so it gets very very easy to have a team of 100+ people.
The more people you have the more money you will earn - it is that simple.
This how I am going to teach you EXACTLY how to set up the fully automated system which will increase your earnings from $0.10 a day to $1 a day to $2 etc. etc. until you reach $10+ a day.
Follow the guidance I provide. Follow it step by step and you will have a system that practically guarantees your success online.
Remember this system will work in the background for you and it is a set and let it run option.
You should have this set up and running on auto pilot BEFORE you try to do anything else.
As I explained if everyone took the time to set up a simple system that grows income continually over time, then everyone would succeed online.
Not only would you be able to earn $10+ per day by clicking on ads for 5 mins a day...... but you would also have an email list of dedicated followers.

The problem is the majority of people are too impatient to take the time to do this.
Everyone tries to jump in at the deep end, and they want to earn $10 per day from day 1.
Little do they know this is the reason why they are about 90% likely to fail.... It is like trying to run before you can walk.

Join Ad Rev Split my link again is https://adrevsplit.com/?id=jamespeddie90 and click on the ads daily - you will find them under the paid links section.

Note if you refresh the page you will get more ads to click on.
Do the ad clicks every day without fail.
I know this starts slowly and you will only earn about $0.10 a day for doing it.
However, as you move to the next step, this figure will soon start to grow and grow.
The next step is learning how to get referrals on complete autopilot.

To get a steady flow of new downline members you need to use Leadsleap.
(My ref link is: https://leadsleap.com/?r=jamespeddie90)

The first thing you need to do on Leadsleap is to add a copy of my capture page.
This page is designed to get people interested in joining in with the system.
It is what will work for you in building your team on autopilot.
Follow the instructions below carefully.
To add the capture page is really easy.
Click first on Page Manager in the main menu.
Click on add new page - you will be asked to give the page a name.
I call mine The Simple System.
Next click on the add a new design to start button.
You will get the option to add a blank design, or import from code.
Use the code: page-axvNWZfYNNV and list-eKQZtNVwu click on Import Now button.
A copy of my page will now be in your LeadsLeap account.
This page will add new subscribers and referrals into your system .
DO NOT start promoting it yet as you need to create a list first.
I will explain how to create the email list which will store the subscribers details for you.

The next step will soon start to increase your daily earnings, but it is about much more than that. It is about getting your subscribers to trust you and setting them up for success long term as well.
It is about teaching others how to generate daily cash flow, while also increasing your own earnings.
I really can't over emphasize the importance that you MUST do the ad clicks daily regardless of the earnings at first.
If you don't click then the system will not work for you.
Next you need to create an email list.
To do this click on List Manager and add a new list. Again you will be asked to give it a name, and I use "The Simple System".
You MUST activate the list for it to work.
Click on the activate list button and you will see a form pop up.
You just need to add your own contact details to the form as directed, then click on save and activate.
You will now have your own email list inside Leadsleap.
The next step is to connect the capture page and email list.
To do this click on page manager, and then launch editor.
In the menu choose the second option which is called LIST.
Choose SendStead and click on get list ID
Click on the list in the dropdown box which is the name you have chose for your list.
The ID code will appear in the box.
Click on the green save button which is at the top right of your screen.
The page and list will now be connected.
I highly recommend you test the system is working correctly before you start promoting it.
To do this copy the capture page URL into a new window, and enter your own details in the form.
You should get a notification to check your inbox for an activation email.
You will also see your own details in the list manager section of LeadsLeap.
When this is complete, it is time to set up the automated advertising which will start adding people to your email list.

If you have been following my training, you will now have your own basic success system set up and ready to promote.

In case you need to check it you should have joined Ad Rev Split my link is( https://adrevsplit.com/?id=jamespeddie90 ) and you will click on the ads daily - you will find them under the paid links section.

Note if you refresh the page you will get more ads to click on.
Do the ad clicks every day without fail.
It is the first thing that I do each day.

To get a steady flow of new referrals you need to use Leadsleap to start building your own email list. (My ref link is: https://leadsleap.com/?r=jamespeddie90 )

You need to add a copy of my capture page, create an email list to save your contacts in, and then connect these two things together.
I highly recommend you test your system is set up correctly before you start promoting it too.
Promoting Your Lead Capture Page
You can add the link for your capture page to any traffic site, and to social media as well.
The more you promote it to others, the more email subscribers you will get.
The more subscribers you have, the easier it gets to promote ANY opportunity you wish to build, and the more money you will make.
Personally I use fully automated traffic which adds people to my email list on a daily basis while I just do simple tasks like the ad clicks on Ad Rev Split.
To fully automate the system so the ads are running 24/7 does require paid upgrades, however you can also use most traffic sites for free at first too.

One of the best sites to use this way is Infinity Traffic Boost (my ref link is: https://infinitytrafficboost.com/jamespeddie90 )

Remember traffic generation is a daily requirement.
You should focus on getting as many views of your Lead Capture Page as you can on a daily basis.
For those wishing to do so for free, you just need to click members ads to earn advertising credits.
Those who pay for advertising can sit back and let their ads run without the need to do the ad clicks on most traffic sites.
By using funds earned you can constantly increase the views of your page, and this is how you can build high level income on complete autopilot.
More traffic = More subscribers = More referrals = More Money Earned.
For this to happen you need to add one last thing to your system.
Emails to your subscribers are what turns those people into referrals.

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