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A splash page is a introduction to the website. A typical splash page will usually be displayed in its entirety above the fold; that is, the area in a visitor's browser that is viewable without having to scroll down.

3 simple steps to create splash

I. Members choose a background image or upload their own background images to the network or import it from a web address (URL)
II. Edit a text placeholder with a message you want your splash page to convey, move it to where you want it displayed on the background image and specify the color you want it in.
III. Give your splash page a short descriptive name, and where visitors must go when they click on it and publish.

Once published, the member receives a splash page link that they can promote.

Rather than just displaying the splash page you created, 2 splash pages are displayed next to each other, or under each other when viewed on a smaller device such as a mobile phone. The splash page belonging to the link owner will be displayed on the right hand side (top on smaller screens) and another splash page will be displayed on the left (bottom on smaller screens). The splash page on the left/bottom will be a random splash page that belongs to the person who referred the owner of the splash page link. However, only 50% of the time will the left/top splash page belong to the sponsor. The other 50% of time when a splash page link is followed, the left/top splash page will be long to a random pro member.

This is a fresh way of getting a lot of traffic without effort by either referring a lot of members.

Every time a splash page is viewed, the affiliate link of both the right side splash owner as well as the affiliate link of the left side splash owner is also embedded into the page, making this a very interesting concept to study as far as passive marketing is concerned. Not only is your affiliate link promoted when you promote your splash page links, but also when members in your downline promote theirs. This sets a snowball effect in motion whereby the people you refer will promote your splash pages and affiliate link, which will lead to more people signing up under you, which leads to more of your splash pages and affiliate link being shown and around and around it goes. Just this feature alone should make it an easy choice for newbiews as I can't think of an easier way to get new signups into a program.

Clickbank Affiliate Scripts

Commissions and features

Pro membership will cost you $24 a month, or you can get 2 months free with an annual membership for $240. There is also a lifetime option available. As a free member you will earn 25% commission for every subscriber and as a pro member that goes up to 50%, so as a pro member, you need 2 subscribers to effectively get your own pro subscription free.

With the viral way this system is set up to auto-promote your affiliate link, getting two pro referrals to essentially make your own pro membership free, should be a cinch. Here, it should be noted, they have a fast action bonus, only available for 3 days after you join that really adds a lot to your membership.

If you miss out on the fast action bonus, you can get it later as an add-on at a much higher price, however, even with the higher priced add-on you will not get everything available through the fast action bonus, so be aware of that if it is the route you want to go.

Benefits for Pro Members

* Create up to 20 simultaneous campaigns
* Get detailed analytics, charts and reports
* See click through rates on your campaigns
* See where your clicks are coming from
* See where your referrals are coming from
* Customize your splash designs with 8 fonts
* Customize your splash designs with 2 text placeholders
* Customize your splash designs with text outlining
* Get double the commission free members get
* Have your campaigns (and affiliate link) promoted by the entire membership.
* Message your downline any time without having to earn credits
* Pause campaigns
* Get access to analytical insights without having to earn credits

With regards to this last pro benefit, they have a section on your back-office where you can see the top five splash pages getting the most clicks. This is the top 5 among the entire membership, not just your own account. This is an especially nice feature as it allows you to inspect the winning campaigns to model your own campaigns after it. This feature is available to free members as well, but in order to get access they must first earn 15 credits by viewing 15 splash pages belonging to pro members.

This is a simple strategy to earn money online for free and make residual monthly occuring income.

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