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Yes, you are forced to earn from your upline and downline. You get paid for EVERY person that falls under you

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Wealth Step by Step Matrix 2 Launching soon.

It's going to be $37/month with a $30 Fast Start Bonus 
and is INDEPENDENT of Matrix 1. 

People can join one or the other or both.
I am doing both.

Right now it's a 3 x 7 and will pay as follows:

LevelPeople Pays TotalsPer
13 $         -  
29 $  10.00 $            90.00month
327 $    6.00 $          162.00month
481 $    4.00 $          324.00month
5243 $    4.00 $          972.00month
6729 $    4.00 $      2,916.00month
72187 $    4.00 $      8,748.00month

 $    13,212.00month
    $  158,544.00year

This is subject to change.

You need to join ASAP and then send out YOUR link to your 
referrals ASAP because there is going to be a SCRAMBLE! 

You have to act fast.

Here my link to join Matrix 2

Alternatively, you can join Matrix 1 (Cheaper than Matrix 2)

Let OTHER PEOPLE Build your Email List
Let OTHER PEOPLE Build your Email List & YOU Build a great Passive Income!
Without Selling or Explaining, You Will Collect 200% Commissions!
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I joined LiveGood few weeks ago and there are already over 25082 members in my Powerline - these are active members.

There are over 115942 members including Pre-Enrollees, who might be active very soon.

You have an advantage that many don't have, join now and start getting Spillover commissions from my referrals - the sooner you join and upgrade the more spillovers you will get.

The cost is very affordable: $40 (once off) + $9.97/month.

You earn up to $25 per referral, so you only need 2 referrals to break even for your initial investment.

You earn 2.5% monthly spillovers, REGARDLESS IF IT'S YOUR REFERRAL OR NOT!

You can earn WITHOUT referring a single person, but I recommend you put some effort into advertising your referral link and get those extra $25 commissions from your own referrals.

Here is the link for you to join: https://www.livegoodtour.com/jamespeddie90

NOTE 1: Don't wait! The sooner you join the more monthly spillovers you will get, it's as simple as that.

NOTE 2: If you already joined under someone else and you didn't upgrade you can enter your details again and choose to be placed under me (John T.).

Turn $10 into over $10,000 per month
We pay you $10 for each referral in your downline; that is 100% commission!
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Once you join me using the link/banner above, login to your back office then click on "Member Home" then click on "Your Sponsor" to get instructions on how to get bonuses and marketing resources you can use to build your team. As well as claiming your free team pages.

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