How to earn BTC/Bitcoin for free?
In this page we detailed information on how to earn BTC for free and build yourself a substantial income over time!

Listed below are the free to join programs that you can use each day to stack Satoshi and start generating a growing passive income for you.This is one of the quickest or easiest ways to make money online. These programs are free to join and are explain below. These programs pays instantly via FaucetPay. At FaucetPay you will be able to convert different crypto currencies into the currency of your choice instantly with NO fees.

To join these sites follow the steps below
Step 1:  Click each link below (a new tab will be open)
Step 2: Wait for 5 seconds (this will be on the top right corner of your screen)
Step 3: After 5 seconds passed click on "SKIP AD" then sign up on that page (see picture below)
Money Apps

Click here to join FaucetPay before you use the programs below.

The first program is FREE BITCOIN

This program has been operating for very long time, pay fast and have a very profitable business model.At Free Bitcoin you can roll the faucet once each hour and the earnings vary, but at this time the minimum you earn is 9 Satoshi each roll.They also have a wheel you can subscribe to called the Wheel of Fortune and you will get an email each day to spin the wheel for free and the prize is typically 50 Satoshi, 50 Reward Points or 50 Lottery Tickets.

Your goal at Free Bitcoin is to take all of your earnings and purchase FUN Tokens. Once you accumulate a minimum of 2500 FUN tokens they will remove the captcha to roll every hour. When this happens there is an extension you can add to Firefox that will auto roll at Free Bitcoin each hour making this one a automatated make money from home system.

Free Bitcoin pays a 50% referral commission each time your referral rolls. This begins to grow fast when your referrals accumulate 2500 FUN Tokens and they can automate their rolls 24/7!
Click here to join Free Bitcoin

The second program is COINTIPLY

Cointiply is the main program of all of the free to join businesss because you can generate more Satoshi (with more Santoshi you make more money online) here than the other programs, but it takes time and consistency. As you use Cointiply each day the rewards you can earn increase as you rank to higher levels. The goal is to get to higher Level. Make sure to watch some of the tutorial videos available so you can see all the ways to boost your income there after you join and get familiar with Cointiply.

At Cointiply you can do many things and one of those things you can do is to do the hourly roll at least once each day because each day you get a 1% increase in earnings up to 100% and you lose it if you miss a day and it starts over. You can also do pay per view ads and watch videos in section of the Offer Wall.

If you have extra laptop/ computer you can keep Hideout TV and Loot TV running 24/7 in a split browser. You accumulate points while the videos play and these can be cashed out to Cointiply. Just the videos alone running on your extra laptop/ computer generate around $20-$25 per month in BTC.

Cointiply pays a 25% commission on all the Faucet rolls of your referrals and 10% on whatever they earn watching videos.
Click here to join Cointiply

The third program is COINPAYU

Coinpayu allows you to earn from 4 faucets as a basis or free member. They also have PTC Ads, Window Ads, Article Ads and Video Ads. As a free or basic member you earn 10% on the clicks and offers of your referrals and 4% on their faucet claims. In all of these programs you can participate as a free member.
Click here to join Coinpayu

The last program is CRYPTOWIN

The last program to join is Cryptowin. You can do many things to earn money online at Cryptowin but as soon as you reach the minimum withdrawal at all of the above listed programs, you send the Satoshi to Cryptowin. At Cryptowin you purchase shares which cost 1,000 Satoshi. Each share pays back 126% or 1,260 Satoshi over 180 days. You then withdraw all of the share earnings to your BTC Wallet. Cryptowin does have a small 1% commission of the share purchases of your referrals.
Click here to join Cryptowin

To get help in building your crypto check these sites below
Crypto Builder 1
Crypto Builder 2

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