Earn Cash with SuperPayMe

First platform to join is SuperPay.Me which pays users for completing free paid surveys and offers. These surveys & offers takes less than five minutes to complete. You get paid between $0.5 and $2 for each survey or offer. So working for just two hours a day you could make around $30. The nice thing about SuperPay.Me is this, once you make $1 you can request your money. You can request your money more than once a day. So in other words completing one or two surveys you already made $1 or more and you qualify to send your money to your account. And the most important thing is their generous referral programme where you earn 25% from every person joined for free using your referral link. Referring more people will make money for you while you sleeping. You can literaly login every day, check your balance and request your money.
Strategy in short: Join for free , login every day & complete one or two surveys/offers, refer more people and cashout your money.

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