Freelance platforms provide opportunities to Freelancers to earn money through providing services using their own computing equipment and schedule. They use standard web browser to complete tasks. Most of these tasks are part of a larger , more complex, project. The tasks or jobs include micro jobs such as processing text, videos, data, photographs etc. The tasks are processed directly on online platforms such as the ones indicated below.

Freelancer Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
Clickworker Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
ForumOk Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
Remotasks Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
Minijobz Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
FiverUp Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
Scribie Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
Picoworkers Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
Microjobs Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
Paidera Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer
Diaworkers Payeer,PefectMoney,Skrill,Payoneer

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