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A ll In One Profits (also known as AIOP) is a simple, affordable, profitable, works immediately, never missed a commissions since 2012, complete marketing program and lucrative system to help you achieve success in online/any business (makes money).

They have most lucrative compensation plan which includes;
* 100% payback commission (paid daily)
* $15 for each basic referral paid instant upon request
* Break even with your first referral (One single referral will set you free)
* Just one referral and you have your money back
* Unlimited residual income
* $3 Fast start bonuses
* No admin fee
* Affordable : $10 monthly basic membership
* The system automatically follow up your prospects for you
* Unlimited income $1000, $5000, $10, much as you want
* ALL the referrals in your downline will pay YOU.
* ALL the referrals in your downline will pass up to their even refereals to YOU
And aside from AIOP's products and services you will also receive;
* Ready made 95% automatic marketing system doing the work for you
* Do follow ups with subscribers and closing sales for you
* Ready made lead capture page
* Pre-written autoresponder emails
* Builds or manage your list
* Easy integration with any lead capture pages
* Provide you an excellent support 24/7
* As an affiliate, AIOP offeres you a ready made marketing system to promote AIOP
* No sales experience required whatsoever
* Web tools now ALL under the same roof
* Web hosting, autoresponder, splash/squeeze builder, link tracker
* Link rotator, advertising, downline builder and much, much more
* AIOP help you promote everything, everything is set and you can access with a single click
* Text and banner advertising
How We Work Together As A Team To Build Your AIOP Business?

We use GDI Elite Team or FAFY AIOP Team Build

GDI Elite Team build your AIOP and GDI business by working in small groups of members. Those groups of members are led by a team leader. The team leader is responsible for his/her team members. So at first a team would be 6 members plus the team leader. All 6 members plus the team leader advertise the same capture pages using their own personal team link provided by their team leader. The team leader tracks all his/her members advertising statistics in order to see which team members are eligible to receive new "Sign Ups" (Referrals). New sign ups are then placed into active team members AIOP and GDI downlines on their level 1. The team leader continues to place sign ups into the AIOP and GDI downlines of his/her team members This goes on until his/her team members have received 6 sign ups from the groups collective advertising efforts. Once a member of the team have received 6 sign ups the team leader will then show the member how to set up and run his/her own team. Then the cycle continues..

When you join FAFY AIOP Team Build and have been verified, your AIOP link will be added to a rotator. You will stay on the rotator as long as you are a paying member of AIOP and until you have 4 members in your downline (2 you keep and 2 you pass up). When you have 4 you will be removed from the rotator. Every member you keep will pass up all their EVEN referrals to you. This means the 2 that you keep will be on the rotator and when they get 2 even referrals they will be passed up to you and those 4 will pass 2 up to you etc.

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P rosperity Marketing System is affiliate marketing made multiple times more effective. Prosperity Marketing is all about creating a well-oiled marketing system that does all of the selling, explaining, and training on auto-pilot. It's about doing marketing highly efficiently using the power of capture/splash pages, list building, auto-responder follow-up, personal branding, and other techniques that help build highly profitable businesses... even if you know nothing about any of that yet.

If you plug-in and use the autoresponder integration then every single member you refer to the system will be added to your autoresponder contact list. This means you can contact them as often as you like and sell other products or programs to them.. of which you keep 100% of whatever you earn from those other programs.

Your Commissions

You earn 100% commissions on all sales except your 2nd and 4th which are passed to your upline. Your referrals or any sales passed to you will also pass up their 2nd and 4th sales to you. This is huge leverage, you just need to get the ball rolling!

How referrals assigned to you?

When you join our team and have been verified, your Prosperity Marketing System link will be added to a rotator. You will stay on the rotator as long as you are a paying member of Prosperity Marketing System and until you have 6 members in your downline.

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M LM Gateway connects those who are involved in network marketing, providing home-based business leads. Promote your website and attract new leaders to your team. Meet real people looking for a business opportunity and advertise to your target audience.

MLM Gateway Affiliate Program
* Earn up to 50% commissions lifetime of your referrals
* Get monthly Cash Bonus
* Win and drive the car of your dreams
* You get 10 credits as a reward for each referral
* Referrals get 5 credits to begin with
Refer the most members to MLM Gateway and win
* First prize - $3,000
* 2nd prize - $1,500
* 3rd prize - $750
* 4th - 5th prize - $500
* 6th - 10th prize - 500 credits
* 11th - 20th prize - 100 credits
As affiliate, you receive commissions based on the monthly volume of purchases made by your referrals. The higher the revenue, the higher the commissions rate. Both Premium membership fees and credit pack purchases count towards your monthly revenue.

In short;
* Your referral spend $0 - $1.000 and you earn 35% of that amount
* Your referral spend $1.000 - $2.000 and you earn 40% of that amount
* Your referral spend $2.000 - $5.000 and you earn 45% of that amount
* Your referral spend $5.000+ and you earn 50% of that amount
Promoting MLM Gateway is not just about the money. MLM Gateway help top leaders to build their own business quickly and efficiently - they have a chance to give their opportunity a huge exposure with free advertising options. All Leadership Levels (beginning from Level 1) receive free MLM Gateway Premium membership. Higher Levels take advantage of even more free features.

Coach Bonus

The Coach Bonus will be added to your monthly commissions if you have at least 20 Leaders (Level 1 or higher) among your direct referrals.
* If you have 20 - 59 referrals you earn $250
* If you have 60 - 179 referrals you earn $1000
* If you have 180+ referrals you earn $4000
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I Club Biz is a new multi-level marketing program that allows you to make up to $1,000 per week. The company is offering a binary matrix system that allows every member to earn from every qualifying sale.IClub Biz offers an opportunity where you can earn money by referring other members.

IClub Biz offers IWebaTool which offers a marketing system to help you build any and all Programs!

IWebaTool Benefits
* A range of proven capture pages
* Send thousands of emails each day
* Store unlimited number of leads
* Campaigns, statistics and analytics
* Real-time SMS notifications
* Professionally written auto responders
* Duplicate Any Capture Page
* Lead/Contact Management
* Broadcasting
* HTML Form Code
* Contact Management Calendar
* System Scalability
* Training Materials
How to Earn Money with IClub Biz (IClub Biz Compensation Plan)

We payout our commissions through an unlimited width uni-level, that pays down through 7- levels (With compression) that is married with an unlimited depth binary, that pays out up to $12,000 per week that also has a 70% matching bonus attached to it.

Earn CASH Commissions on purchases made by Customers and Members through 7 levels of your personal enrollment organization.
Earn Team Building Commissions on purchases made by Customers and Members through unlimited levels of your 2-Team organization.
Earn Matching Team Building Bonuses as you advance through the Ranks
Earn an Additional Business Center for the Top Producers.

You refer at least 2 more active members. Your referrals (downline) are then placed on your right or left leg.

You earn $12.50 commission every time a new position either on your left or right leg is filled up or every time a club premier membership or added value products is sold on your paying leg. After referring the two new members, you are not required to refer or purchase anything and you will earn commission on any product that is sold in your paying leg.

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C lubshop is a legitimate business opportunity to build a significant passive income, active on the global market since 1997. The company has been paying its active Partners every month without delay for many years. At Clubshop, people from all over the globe can build an online business using the unique and advanced marketing platform called Global Partner System (GPS) including email marketing and your own fully managed Shopping Mall (Imagine being the owner of a huge Shopping Center). Clubshop has a fully managed advertising service called Shares of Clubshop Cooperative (COOP Shares) with guaranteed results which help you get referrals with no effort on your side (Auto Pilot Mode). In otherwords you don't have to promote your affiliation links because the system automatically promote on your behalf, but if you want to speed up your earnings you can promote your links.

Clubshop compensation plan includes;
* You earn 50% commission (Fast Start Bonus) for each Trial Partner (referral)
* You earn 50% commission (Second Phase Bonus) for each PARTNER who UPGRADES
* The deeper your Partners are in your team, the higher the commission percentage you earn
* Earn commissions based on any Clubshop Mall purchase made by team Partners
You earn the above commisions when the following steps are followed;
Step 1: You register
Step 2: You become a 30-Day Trial Partner (so that you learn about the system)
Step 3: You confirm/activate your GPS option to become a Partner
- GPS options includes ($14,90 | $29,90 | $49,90 | $89,90 | $129,90 | $249,90)
- The higher the GPS option you choose the higher commisions you will earn
    For example if you choose option $14,90, two people joined after you
    and the system place them under your team. Lets say person 1 activate GPS
    of $49,90 and person 2 activate GPS of $29,90. You will earn 50% on each
    person. That is $24,95 + 14,95 = $39,9. You see you can always get back
    the money you paid for activation plus profit.
Step 4: After you activate your GPS the system starts building your downline
- That is the system start adding referrals (called Trial Partners)
    under you in a vertical line. When any Trial Partner under you decide
    to activate his/her GPS you earn 50% direct commission
- If you decide to also promote your affiliation link the person registered
    using your affiliation link will be place under you.
    The advantage of this is that your team will grow quicker
    and produce more stable monthly income.
This system has been paying its active Partners every month without delay for many years. Once you reach a treshhold of $10 you can request for cashout. This system has a potential to make you earn more than $5000 per month.

Hint: Promote your affiliation link as much as you can to speed up your stable monthly income and grow your team.

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W ealthy Affiliate is a series of training courses designed to make you an affiliate marketer. A platform designed for Affiliate Marketers of all levels. Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you!

Wealthy Affiliate is a membership site that provides you with all the tools and training that you will need to build a successful online business yourself. Wealthy Affiliate is not just a training course. It is a platform that is designed to teach you affiliate marketing, set up your website, provide all the resources that you need in one place, and finally assist you in making money from your website.

Wealthy Affiliate Also Has An Affiliate Marketing Program

Wealthy Affiliate offers a wonderful affiliate marketing opportunity for its own products, as well. This means that if you are a member (even a FREE starter member), you can earn affiliate commissions by using your affiliate link and encouraging others to buy Wealthy Affiliate programs. And the commissions are up to an astounding 45%.

You Earn $23.50 Premium Monthly Recurring

Commissions are $8.00 for the first month $19.00 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter.
Starter Members earn $4.00 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $117.50 yearly commissions.

You Earn $46.50 Premium Plus Monthly Recurring

Commissions are $23.50 for the first month $49.00 special offer, then $46.50 thereafter.
Starter Members earn $11.75 for special offer referrals, then $23.25 monthly and $232.50 yearly commissions.

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